Visiting Ajinomoto Vietnam factory - A meaningful and interesting practical experience

On September 22, 2021, students of class 2019, 2020, 2021 Faculty of Finance - Accounting, Lac Hong University had an interesting tour at Ajinomoto Vietnam factory through 3D/360 technology ( Virtual tours).

At the visit, the students had time to observe the reality, learn new knowledge, accumulate more practical experience on the business model of production and business activities, organize activities at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Business accounting.

Attending the visit were representatives of Ajinomoto Vietnam factory, Board of Directors of Faculty of Finance - Accounting, Lac Hong University and more than 200 faculty members.

Before visiting the production line, the company representative introduced the company's history and development process, introduced the creator of Umami- Mr. Kikunae Ikeda, the birth of umami as well such as the formation and development of the brand Ajinomoto MSG. With 110 years of operation, up to now, Ajinomoto factory has more than 1,700 products mainly divided into 3 main product lines: food, natural products and pharmaceuticals. Ajinomoto has 120 factories in 130 countries and has more than 28,000 employees worldwide, showing the strong growth of the Ajinomoto brand of MSG. Ajinomoto Long Thanh factory was put into production in September 2008 with modern and high productivity equipment and machinery, operating 24/24 to create many products to meet the needs of consumers. The production process of Ajinomoto MSG is equally attractive. From the starting materials are molasses and tapioca starch, etc., through the process of saccharification and fermentation, we obtain glutamic acid. Then this acid is neutralized with soda to get sodium glutamate salt, then filtered and purified, to obtain monosodium glutamate.

Next, the students visited the factory's workshops such as: Bone and meat broth workshop, Aji-ngon seasoning production workshop, and saw firsthand how the production lines were to understand. Learn more about the manufacturing process of Ajinomoto products. The factory's machinery and equipment are equipped with modern equipment and fully automatic production lines to ensure the sterility and safety of products, in addition, all products must meet ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 standards. HACCP.

After the factory tour, we were able to relax with mini games and talk directly about career opportunities at the company.

At the end of the actual visit to Ajinomoto Vietnam Factory, the students understood about the company's modern production process, the professional working style of the factory's officers and employees; students experience the actual working environment at Ajinomoto Factory to understand and apply the theory equipped at the school. This is an opportunity to help students equip themselves with a lot of practical knowledge and promote their ability to learn and take initiative since they were still in the university lecture hall.

Thank you for creating conditions for us to have an interesting and useful tour. Wish your company always develop quickly and sustainably; Wishing the pedagogical team of the Faculty of Finance - Accounting and the students good health and much success!

The tour ends at 11:00 a.m. on the same day.

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