Educational objectives (PEOs)

Within 2-3 years after graduation, our graduates will:

• PEO1: Professionally organize and perform tasks in accounting and finance.

• PEO2: Evaluate the effectiveness of financial solutions.

• PEO3: Enhance teamwork skills and ability to connect with other professional sectors.

• PEO4: Well develop their competences in updating new knowledge for their lifelong learning.

Training course and time:

- Training course: Full-time.

- Training time: 3,5 years.

Expected learning outcomes:

B.Acc has 11 specific expected learning outcomes (PLOs) as following:

  • PLO1: Demonstrate professional ethics and social responsibility.
  • PLO2: Apply fundamental knowledge of natural science and social science to accountancy.
  • PLO3: Explain fundamental concepts, accounting principles and assumptions agreed in accountancy.
  • PLO4: Recording transactions into proper accounting items.
  • PLO5: Create and present accounting reports in accordance with regulations.
  • PLO6: Analyze accounting information for decision making.
  • PLO7: Assess business operations.
  • PLO8: Evaluate the effectiveness of accounting system and internal control system.
  • PLO9: Organize accounting information system in business.
  • PLO10: Actively work with others in group/ organization to achieve common goals.
  • PLO11: Show their fluent skills in oral, written and graphical communication and life-long learning ability.

Program Specification 2020.

Program Specification 2018.


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