Job Fair - Career opportunities for students

On the morning of July 27th, 2022, at Lac Hong University, "Job Fair 2022" took place with the participation of more than 40 banks and businesses registered for recruitment.

There were Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Vu Quynh - Vice Rector; Mr. Dr. Nguyen Van Hai - Vice Dean of Faculty of Finance - Accounting; Dr. Nguyen Van Trung - Director of Center of  Admissions and Public Relations Job Fair 2022"; Admissions counselors from the faculties, departments and departments of Lac Hong University, representatives of banks and businesses participating in the recruitment program, sponsors and a large number of students from four faculties in LHU.

Job fair is one of the major and important events held annually with the aim of strengthening the connection between Lac Hong University, Faculty of Finance - Accounting and partners and recruitment agencies. Thereby, students have the opportunity to apply for jobs, receive advice, guidance and direct contact with employers as well as better understand their own capabilities and requirements of employers, find job opportunities; employers will be able to recruit more positions that meet the job requirements, and at the same time strengthen the connection between Lac Hong University, Faculty of Finance and Accounting with partners, agencies and organizations, recruitment agency, contributing to improving the prestige and position of Banking Academy and banks, businesses, and community units.

The job fair is expected by many students studying at Lac Hong University, Faculty of Finance and Accounting because they have had to go through a long period of strictly implementing measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, the Job Fair has attracted a large number of students looking for jobs; is the ideal rendezvous for students who want to conquer their dream job, step earlier to succeed faster. The program includes activities of receiving applications, interviews and direct recruitment of job positions; on-site consultation on job application skills; interview conquering employers; how to score points when presenting CV…; Employers introduce recruitment programs and plans in the near future.

Accompanying the Job Fair are reputable banks and businesses, which bring thousands of job opportunities to students of the economic sector in general and students of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting in particular.

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