The students of the Faculty of Finance Accounting gained the scholarship and visited Dongnai Vietcombank.

In the morning of March 6th 2022, the overall cooperation agreement signing ceremony between Lachong University and Vietcombank (Dongnai Branch) occurred at the fourth floor of the Dongnai Vietcombank meeting-hall.

LHU and Dongnai Vietcombank representatives signed the agreement

The main purposes of the ceremony aim to boost the cooperation relationship between both sides, exploit the strength of each side in order to matually support and connect during the cooperation period. Additionally, they also aim to do each other introduction information activities to boost the education development which follows the policy of the Party and State to support the improvement of unit’s business.

The students got the scholarship awarded by Dongnai Vietcombank representative

At the meeting, the students from FFA having good performance were awarded 20 scholarships.

Students received the scholarships of Dongnai Vietcombank

Student vitsited and practised at the departments Dongnai Vietcombank

After the meeting, FFA students visited and practised at departments of Dongnai Vietcombank such as accounting department, personel department, indiviual service department, enterprise service department. This provided the opportunity to students to be able to approach the modernly pratical professional workplace, espeacially at the Vietnam’s top bank.

Faculty of Finance - Accounting

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