The Faculty of Finance - Accounting organizes a thematic event

At 14:00 on October 1, 2020, the Accounting Information System Department held a professional meeting by MS lecturer Le Thuy Tien presented with the topic: "Methods of evaluating students in the age of new technology" with the main objective of exchanging new assessment methods to improve the quality of students, to fulfill the right goals. The training program in general and detailed subject outlines in particular have set out, with the main contents as follows:

1. New assessment method combined with many diverse teaching tools.

2. Deploy and apply Rubric to evaluate students.

3. Teaching and learning process and student assessment are continuously reviewed and evaluated to ensure that teachers can assess students' competencies most accurately in order to have measures to help students improve learning results. the most effective exercise.

After the meeting, members found that choosing the assessment method suitable for the subject and the student's capacity is an activity that should be done continuously and should follow the correct process to have relevance and consistency.

The meeting ended successfully at 16:00 p.m on the same day!

Faculty of Finance - Accounting

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