Finance Club Meeting

With the aim of being a playground to facilitate students majoring in Finance, the Faculty of Finance - Accounting established the Finance Club with the following purposes:

- Finance Club contributes to improving the quality of study and self-study of students of the Faculty of Finance - Accounting, Lac Hong University. Students can improve professional knowledge, and know how to apply theirs in life. This meeting creates conditions for students to research specific issues that they will meet in the future  include: the fields of banking, securities, etc.

- The Finance Club create an oppurtunity so that studetnts can apply the knowledge of finance, accounting and economics in real-life situations.

- The Finance Club is a bridge between lecturers and students, and a place to share practical experiences for students.

Finance Club organizes a series of tutorials and scientific research orientations for students majoring in Finance with 3 topics on June 15, 17 and 22, 2022, including:

- Guide to collect financial data at enterprises and banks.

- Instructions for processing the collected data using SPSS software.

- Instructions for presenting reports on data processing results and writing scientific articles.

The series of activities has been actively received and participated by the students of scientific research. We hope that this is an activity to help students complete the topic and achieve the best results.

Here are some pictures of the sequence of activities.

Faculty of Finance - Accounting


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