The Faculty of Finance - Accounting Union honorably receives the certificate of merit from The Executive Board Of Province Union

According to the activities’ result and remarkable performances of The FFA Union in March, 2022. Lachong University’s Union has suggested the FFA Union to create the profile and then send to the Standing Committee Of Dongnai Province Union in order to commend the community having excellent performance during The Youth Month in 2022.

At 8:00 am, Friday 15th April, 2022, the members of the Executive Board of The FFA Union represented The Lachong University Union at Golden Lotus restaurant to participate in the Annual General Meeting in which the community honorably received the certificate of exellent performance in The Youth Month in 2022.

This is not only considered as a significant honor of The FFA Union, also is the motivation which encourages The Faculty’s Volunteers enthusiasticallly enroll in such social activities outside of class times.

There were some pictures of the meeting:

Faculty of Finance - Accounting


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